On fitting in

You guys, taking self-portraits is awkward.  Can we just agree that its weird and that we'll avoid it from now on? Great.  Cassandra and Liv, this photo is for you.  I do still exist.

I took the photo above moments before I ran to the Mercado Democracia.  I love tipico Guatmalan fabric and clothing, but as an extranjero, it feels a bit strange to try and pull it off.  I worry that I look like I'm trying too hard.  What you see above is my answer.  My hat is tipico, but with a modern twist.  I feel at home wearing it because I am genuinely enamored with fedoras, but am acknowledging where I live and the culture that lives within the straw that wraps itself around my head.    

I know that I don't fit in.  I get enough catcalls and sideways glances to make that abundantly clear.  But I'm here, and I'm learning, and I'm part of the community for better or for worse.  That realization is the trigger for when it becomes more than just straw- and instead a symbol of who I am in reference to who we are and the beautiful backdrop for our story.


Sky Lohse