Fuentes Georginas

Thanks for putting up with the picture quality, I just snapped a few photos on our way out.  Fuentes Georginas is an area with natural hotsprings.  Near the main pools there is a sweet little restaurant with passable hamburgers and hiking trails where you can wander all over the mountains.  I first learned of the pools below when I was on our photography weekend and where we stopped to eat lunch and relax.  The oasis you see above is actually quite hidden, and requires about twenty minutes of hiking down a hill on slippery stairs and guessing at points where the path actually is, as is seems to disappear.  The pay off is reaching the secluded springs where your privacy is almost guaranteed.  The water temperature is perfect, not scalding, but just hot enough to remind you that you're alive.  Many use the sulfur as a body mask and then rinse in the warm waterfall behind the rocks.  It really is a  little slice of paradise and another reason you should come visit.  We can go together, I promise.

Sky Lohse