I took the photo below by "freelensing", a term which reminds me of my roommate Fletch's free-ballin' Fridays in college, but that's both inappropriate and neither here nor there.  Sorry.

Moving on...

Essentially, you can make any lens a tilt shift or macro by detaching it and holding it in front of the exposed sensor (where you usually attach your lens) and tilting it until you find focus.  Hand-manipulating the lens allows for creativity, and great tilt-shift and macro effects, but its tough.  Understand going into it that you will need practice, and that it is possible to get moisture or dust in the body of your camera since the lens and body are detached.  

This is one of my first attempts, hopefully we'll see some improvement as time passes.

Here is a link to an article that explains "freelensing" in depth:

Sky Lohse