Schoolhouse Rock: Crazy hair day

It is Warrior Week in these parts, which means themed days for dress and activities.  Today was pajama day, but I did not participate equal parts because I kind of forgot, and Mondays are hard enough without losing the will to work by wearing PJs.  Trust me- this was evidenced by the students today.  However, I will be participating tomorrow in Crazy Hair Day.  First of all, my blow dryer was throwing sparks this weekend, so I decided to throw it in the trash instead of put it near my head.  This means that my hair is going to be unruly as it will have the chance to dry on its own, as it pleases.  Secondly, volume is my hair's middle name, and that's before teasing.  Yeah.  It's going to be great.

In honor of Crazy Hair Day, I have pulled out an old Schoolhouse Rock from last Spring that sums up my hair nicely.  Enjoy!


"...A little girl I see on a daily basis is always commenting about my hair and trying to smooth down the pieces that are sticking up. The other day we started having a conversation about white people hair and black people hair.

"My mom is your skin color, but she has black people hair."

"That's interesting. And what kind of hair do you have?"

"I have black people hair, Ms. Lohse. See?"

"Huh. So what kind of hair do I have?"

(My ethnicity has been perplexing her for weeks since she's heard me "talk spanish", her mom's skin is my color and I have freckles.)

"Well, when your hair is straight like this, then you have white people hair. When your hair is curly, you have black people hair."

"So you mean my hair is half and half?"

(She is walking out and suddenly turns around.)

"But either way Ms. Lohse, your hair is always nappy."

So true. This is not the first time this student has commented on my nappy hair, nor would it be the last. I took her to a baseball game and she looked up at me and said, "It looks like a tornado came down and hit you on the top of yo' head."

Secretly I know that she doesn't mean it, she is just obsessed by the idea that I should have braids. She likes the thought of one huge braid that covers my left eye. I asked her how I would see, as it would limit my depth perception, and she told me I could just lift it up while I'm walking. Silly me."


I will post photos tomorrow as proof of participation.

Welcome to the week!

Sky Lohse