schoolhouse rock: community service

I am not a teacher, but in order to complete the requirements for my principal's license, I have to fulfill a teaching internship.  To do so, I am currently teaching the community service class, a requirement of all students for graduation.  Presently we are working on a project to create our own NGO and build stoves for those in need, so that they no not have to cook in a hole in the ground inside their casa.

The kids decided that they wanted to hold a soccer tournament to raise money.  The students created a powerpoint presentation to show in chapel, and I previewed it ahead of time.  And then I sat in elementary chapel as one of my students presented the following without telling me he had fabricated something entirely different.  He felt like this was a presentation the elementary kids would understand.

(At this point in the presentation, he explained to the elementary students what asthma and pulmonary cancer are all about.)

I was shocked, and laughing, and anxious, but overwhelmingly impressed with my student's creativity.  In hindsight, it would have been great if he had run it by me to get approved, but in the end, I guess our elementary kiddos got a lesson in pulmonary cancer and the dangers of cooking indoors without ventilation.  

The event was successful.

Families came and played futbol and spent time together.  

We will be building several stoves next month from the profits and establishing our own NGO.  

Though our methods a bit unorthodox, the goal was reached.

In the end, even though a few kids were probably traumatized, by the x's over the eyes of the dead mother, that's all that matters, right?

Sky Lohse