To begin, I want to say thank you to all that have called and emailed checking in, it means so much to me.  I am safe, I am well.  Quetzaltenango sustained some damage, but pales in comparison to San Marcos, pictured below.

(source)As of today, forty eight people have been reported dead, with exponentially more missing.  Yesterday 2000 soldiers were deployed for disaster relief to aid the 300 police, firefighters, and volunteers who were already at work rescuing those who were buried alive.

There is still risk of aftershocks, and it feels like the entire city of Xela is holding its breath, waiting.  With the weekend will come a sigh of relief as the risk lessens, and our lives will return to normal.  However, those in San Marcos face months, if not years of rebuilding.  If it comes to mind, pray for them, that they have the strength and grace to persevere.  Newspapers report that many who live there have spoken out about being tenacious and resilient, which they are- but life is still going to be hard.  Rebuilding structures can be done with time, but losing family is devastating.  

Everything seems a bit clearer and simpler today as I consider what is important.  I love you guys.