I was Skyping with my mom yesterday or the day before, and telling her about the things I do at school- you know, writing essays in Spanish and reading dissertations on self esteem- also in Spanish.  Then I told her about Sara and how much fun she is having and my mom immediately wanted to know more about the funny things Sara says and learns not to say.  Examples are in the works, rest assured.

In the meantime, I wanted to prove that I do more than just read and write.  On Thursday, Salvador, Pablo, John, and I went to a little town just thirty minutes from Quetzaltenango.  We spoke about architecture and the construction of the homes, and the damage that can come from heavy rain.  There are times when damage can happen so quickly.  We visited a church and upon leaving, found ourselves in the pouring rain.  Instead of pausing until the rain passed, we ran across the tiny plaza and down a little side street, where we came upon a cafe that would serve soggy viajeros chocolate con leche.  The two little girls you see belong to the owners and kept us company while we waited out the rain.  It was one of those perfect momens that should have been frozen in time- the sound of the rain as it fell, creating a rhythm with the laughter of the little girls as they marveled at the novelty drinking hot chocolate in front of them.  May I never forget moments like these as long as I live.