My new instructor is from a little town outside of Xela called Salcaja.  Some cities, like San Andreas are known for their dyes, and others for their woodworking.  Salcaja is known for its weaving and beautiful cloth.  We took a little field trip and met the man you see weaving above.  He is ninety and weaves cloth in the top floor of the home he shares with his daughter, who makes traditional fruit wine, another specialty of Salcaja.  When I asked why he still weaves, he told me that it keeps him out of trouble, making me wonder if I'd be any good at it since staying out of trouble feels like a full time job.  About thirty minutes later, he came down to where we were tasting wine and wrapped me in his finished cloth, which was stunning.  Then he made a joke about pulling it off quickly and me spinning like a top out the door and into the street.  A weaver and a joker, not a bad combination, eh?