I went to the Mercado Democracia on Sunday and found myself buying vegetables and fruit at an alarming rate and volume. I got so caught up that I probably would have purchased half of the fresh food available if it weren't for my shoulder screaming about the weight of my bag. And then I bought a few more.

On the long walk back to my house I vacillated between cursing myself for for purchasing so much veg and wondering exactly what and how much was in my bag.  There is strange high and lapse in reality that comes with the market where you're certain you can eat your weight in vegetables and then you want two of everything in sight.  All in all, what you see about cost around 50Q, which is about $6.25. At one point I wrote down exact numbers of fruits and vegetables, thinking it would impress you, but then I realized that you have eyes, and photos are much more interesting.  So far, my lot has turned into pico de gallo, stuffed avocados, and a nice little beet salad.  Purchases not pictured above include a dozen brown eggs and the beautiful flowers below that keep by bedroom company while I am away.


CookingSky Lohse