I feel like I am always apologizing for my absence, but I really am sorry.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I am looking forward to a time when things will slow down.  This weekend I took a chicken bus (semi-unintentionally) into Guatemala City, had a much needed caffeine and laughter laced breafast with Jose, then picked up someone very dear to me at the airport.  I think I was on a bus (we took a nice one back) for over eight hours on Saturday, but it was completely worth it.  As we wandered the city on a lazy Sunday, I enjoyed watching Kent experience Xela with new eyes.  After being here for some time, oddities that he noticed are lost on me in the day to day as they have become common.  How quickly we forget things that once caused wonder and amazement.

He leaves tomorrow and some normalcy will resume.  Work during the day, cooking and homework at night.  My goal for the week is get out at least twice with my camera and intentionally immerse myself in the culture of Xela and allow myself to be fresh and amazed.   

QuetzaltenangoSky Lohse