Q & A: Doctorate


I've received a couple emails wondering about whether or not I'm still working on my doctorate.  The answer is yes, and it feels like I'll continue working on it until the day I die.  Let's hope that isn't reality.  Most of my progam is online, with the exception of a two week residency every summer, so I am still able to continue though I am in Guatemala. 

Before I moved here, I told myself that being away would be perfect because I would have so much focused time to work on my doctorate.  What a nice thought that was.  The reality is that I'm just as busy as I was before, and am still squeezing in hours to read and write between working and painting and Spanish lessons and watching Superchivos games.  The logistics of my program are basically the same while I'm away with the exception that my books are all electronic and downloading large files with lectures and videos is difficult.   

In conclusion, I am still loving the program, and still running around at Mach 3 with my hair on fire. 


Sky Lohse