Like a garden

Dear Mom,

I know its not an exuse, but I had no idea that we were already in the twenties of September.  How can this be?  It sounds a little strange, but sometimes the time passes so quickly here that I have no idea what day it is.  And then other times it passes so slowly, that I have no idea what day it is.    All that aside, it seems impossible that we are already at the twenty third day of September and your birthday has come and gone.

I'm sorry for not calling.  I also should have emailed.  A birthday card is out of the question as it would probably arrive after I do at Christmas time.  

However, what I do have, is a birthday haiku:


My mother is love.

Her heart is like a garden.

With her, I am home. 


Happy Birthday.  I love you.

Sky Lohse