It has been a few weeks, hasn't it?  I went to Minneapolis for some time but am now back under the Guatemalan skies.  I love this photo that Liz took of the sunset.  I gasped when I saw the colors in person on Thursday.  It kind of crept up on us. 

I felt like I was going home to Minneapolis, and then coming home again when I boarded the plane for Guatemala.  What a strange feeling that is, but I suppose that's neither here nor there.  Christmas was beautiful and full of joy.  We spent the morning with friends- almost so long that our evening guests were going to have to let themselves in.  The whole day felt perfect- my whole break, in fact.  I was sick from nearly the moment the plane landed for about ten days, so much of my time was spent at home watching Downton Abbey with my mom and dad- in fact, that's how we rang in the new year.  But, even though I was sniffling and coughing, we were together and it was grounding.

I hope that the New Year finds you well and ready to begin again.

GuatemalaSky Lohse