The questions I post will not follow any particular order, nor are any necessarily more significant.  The question discussed is whichever was on my mind. 

   What did I begin today that might endure? 

   Because of my current lifestyle choices (grad school, work, etc.), I've had to become very disciplined when it comes to my time.  For those who know me personally, you can attest that deadlines and arriving exactly on time has always been a challenge, and regarded more as a suggestion or far off goal, rather than reality.  Its one of those things I really struggle with.  For those of you who have been frustrated that I'm late, I promise that my intentions are always to arrive five minutes early, but I just never seem to get there.  However, I have improved and that is worth something. 

   So now, I am mostly on time (which is fantastic, since no else seems to be "en punto" here), and I rarely miss deadlines.  My time is scheduled out to the minute.  Wake early, work on grad work for an hour, shower, dress, wake the dog to take her out, and fly out of the house.  Notice anything missing?  The most important meal of the day never makes the list.  Now, in my defense, I have had many weeks where I pre-bake muffins and breakfast burritos so I can take my food to go.  But, there are also plenty of weeks that doesn't happen.  Today I woke a bit earlier, prepared the french press, and cooked myself a couple eggs.  All of a sudden, I felt like an adult.  Its a strange, rare feeling that passed quickly, but I'd like to see it again soon.  

   I'm setting my alarm back so that this breakfast routine may endure.

   Did anyone else begin something today that might last?

Sky Lohse