The Darkroom Project: Guatemala


Unbelievably, we're here again.

Every time I think about starting again, I get butterflies.  Partly because its so much to plan in such a short amount of time, with the teaching schedule, meeting with the gallery, ordering frames, creating flyers, printing photos, and the list continues.  The rest of the fluttering comes from wonder, and that I get to watch and be a part of others tell their stories again.

Since our last show in Indiana, I've received an email from Johnny, with photos of the continued public speaking he's done.  He looks amazing.  I've heard stories of the participants and how life has changed for them just because they were brave enough to share their lives.  I'm not saying that The Darkroom Project is responsible, only that we are so thankful to just be here.  Bianca has an attorney helping her get the felony expunged from her record.  He heard her tell her story.  Darlene now has a job, because someone heard her story.  I keep at it with The Darkroom Project because Johnny reminds me of his story, our story.

This time, things will be a bit different.  We will be working with a group of boys (and maybe a girl or two?) that shoe shine for a living.  We will teach, and get annihilated in soccer every afternoon, and eventually have a show.  This project is dear to my heart, as I live the same streets and corners as these kids- we share a home.  I see them run through the park with their boxes, talking every businessman with dirty, and clean shoes, into a good shine.  There are two that continually waggle their eyebrows at me while I roll my eyes at them, and buy them lunch when my shoes don't need care- when I beg them to not shine my converse kicks. 

The party starts on Sunday.  Are you ready?