Even though I am technically away, I can still promise you that the following things are on my mind:

- Suzanna and her two little brothers, running around the park, selling candy.

- Mario, Victor, and Kevin as they adjust in Guatemala City.  Will they stay or will they run?

- Our story.  It was just one of many that occur on a daily basis, and I want to know why, and what can be done, and what my role is in the solution.

- I am thinking of my family, and how nice it will be to spend some quality time with them as we celebrate Christmas.

- My friends that I will see when I return.  Will they be different?  Am I different?  How much was lost between us in the time I was away?

- Any goals or resolutions I have for the new year.  None, on the principle that if it mattered I would already be doing it, but its still up for consideration.

- Liv and wondering how she and the family are doing and wishing I was there help and make her laugh.

Anything on your mind?

Sky Lohse