Here to stay.


It has been a bit over a week and my girl is settling in beautifully.  I assume the transition from being a Minnesotan to a Guatemalan may be harder on her than it was on me when I first arrived.  So far she has avoided getting into scuffles with the street dogs and seems generally happy enough to cruise through Parque Central greeting all the children.  She does not love the crowded sidewalks and narrow streets packed with cars, but I suppose we all have our issues.

I love having my sidekick here as we run around and cause trouble.  She is still my favorite companion in the street, at the house, on the roof, and as always snuggled up in bed.  This weekend Dagny and I are going to take it easy and spend some time wandering through our city.  We may even get a little crazy and break out the ink and watercolors.  What are you up to? 

DagnySky Lohse