Thank you for your advice.  I laminated cards for the members of the group in town and they found them useful.  I’ll be saving your suggestions for future visitors.  The group has come and gone as of this afternoon.  I don’t think I mentioned it previously, but I had two friends visit at the same time.  My friend Sara was showcased in the infanthood of this blog for her Spanish and salsa dancing skills on our first trip to Guatemala.  She again, came and conquered, and is maybe closer to nailing a body roll?  Also, her Spanish has much improved, as she managed to tell just one person that she was a prostitute.  Thankfully he saw her obvious error, corrected her, and dragged her charming tush onto the dance floor.  I wish I had been there.  I was able to spend just a few nights with the girls. We left for retreat with the secondary students on Wednesday morning.  I only got to see them for three days, and just in the evenings, and after I made sure the group was settled.  My head is still spinning. 

My time with Sara and Katie felt very much like snapshots punctuated by late dinners and bedtime talks.  I hate feeling rushed, I do, and there was a weight to every moment which held the significance of “this better be the most significant conversation in the world, because time is in short supply.”  And they weren’t- at all.  We spent the lion’s share of our time laughing about the idea of owning a waffle stand and the whereabouts of the visiting team that had gone missing.  Their final night here we got around to talking about happiness and sacrifice and where we currently sit.  Their short visit felt like a tiny tornado- but one that brought fresh air along with the madness. 

Come back soon, please.

Sky Lohse