Hitting the mark

Lake copy.jpg

My family has come and gone.  My grad work was late, then extended, and finally completed.  My sleep cycle app tells me that my sleep quality was at 54% last night, the best its been in weeks.  That is not good, but I will take improvement where I can get it.  

I have many words for you about the visit with my family- the photo above was taken one evening as we lounged by the lake and dipped into the chilly water.  I will eventually write about the little Japanese restaurant and Antigua, and the home that stands over the lake, but it will have to wait for now.  In many ways I feel that all of my words have been expended.  I feel the need to sort out why I write, and my purpose for the blog.  It is an outlet, of course, but I want to be authentic, and I'm just not sure I'm hitting the mark.  My friend Steph emailed, commenting that I'm always waxing poetic, and she was wondering how I am really doing.  

The things that I write are true, but tailored from time to time.  I want to drag you into this experience with me, with the good and the bad, perhaps leaving out the ugly in order to reach the delicate balance necessary.

I welcome your thoughts as I clearly do not have a grip on this.

Sky Lohse