On being happy...


Anna, Grandma, and squeezed onto a tiny table to eat our breakfast their first morning in Guatemala.  My parents followed closely, and after we wandered the city looking for sandals and finally left for the lake around ten. 

Regarding whether or not I am happy here, thank you for your emails and questions and caring.  I am happy.  I love where I live despite the poor water pressure.  I love my job and students and chance I have to adventure at any given moment.  It is something that I don't take for granted, I promise.  I think that my intent when talking about it a few posts ago was more about what I choose to write.  I want to write about traveling and experiencing Guatemala because it is fresh and exciting and a dream come true, but I think that there is a balance of real talk that needs to happen- and I'll get there, I promise.  My purpose for writing is so that my mom and Grandma know I'm here and can keep tabs on what's up, but its also for me to remember and reflect.  So, brace up, there might be some real talk coming your way.  I want to be authentic and genuine, which I have been, but perhaps a bit more raw and gritty as well if the moment requires.

I've received some great emails with questions on expatriation, residency, where I work, and much more, so I'm going to try to answer your questions in a number of posts.  Hopefully they will be helpful to those considering Guatemala as home.  I also never finished talking about Roatan, and diving.  I will answer the questions about where we stayed and provide general details so you can retrace our steps.  It was an amazing vacation. 

Finally, I have a giant project in the works that has sucked me into a story that is so much bigger and better than the one I was living.  If you would like, we will absorb you as well.  But, be patient for a minute- we need this week to finish the website and polish off some of the rough edges.

Sky Lohse