The Darkroom Project

It is hard to know where to begin.  Strangely enough, it kind of feels like this project created itself.  I mean, we've put in a lot of work designing the website, and all of the other aspects, but it feels self-propelled.

I met my friend Matthew through our doctoral program.  We began at the same time, though in different cohorts.  He has been a solid mirror for me in the last year, reminding me why I choose to stay in this program when I would rather be doing anything else.  Through some of our whining, we began discussing exactly what it is we would rather be doing, and now it has a name- The Darkroom Project. 

The Darkroom Project is about helping vulnerable populations tell their story.  We feel that too often marginalized people groups fall through the cracks and that they are never heard.  We believe in giving them a voice, and we are going to do it through photography.  Children will learn photography over a two week span and in the meantime, we set them loose, completing photography assignments along way.  What is family?  What does life look like on a daily basis?  The best of their shots will be presented in a gallery showing both in their own country, and the United States- a time for the students to celebrate their work with those they love, and an opportunity for the rest of the world to see an authentic picture of what they go through.  All proceeds from purchased photos will go towards funding their education.  Additionally, each child will be gifted with a digital camera so they can continue to document their life. 

We do not intend to let them go.  We believe in creating a family and growing together.

We would love it if you would check us out, get involved, and throw us some feedback.  Find us at