Feeling Optimistic

We're already a week and some change into May, but when I found this little gem, it felt just right.  The beginning of May brought the end of my last class until July.  Do you know what that means?  It means that I can paint again, and cook, and play like I mean it- with no guilt.  May also brings hope and possibility.  We are confirmed for a three week workshop for The Darkroom Project this summer.  Confirmed, really.  Every time I remember that it is really happening, my pulse races, and I involuntarily smile at the thought of doing exactly what my heart calls for.

I bought my ticket to come back to states for a nice visit and my doctoral residency and now it all feels real.  In a month and a few days I'll be able to take my cousin Lindsay out for coffee and give her the time she deserves.  I will walk around the lakes in the city, and find happy hour on a patio with my dear friends who love me even though I am far away.  I will spend hours cooped up on campus to chip away at my dissertation, commiserating with my colleagues. And then, in between, I'll road trip and teach and give women a voice and celebrate their life through their work.

Yes indeed, all things seem possible in May.

Is anyone else feeling optimistic?

Sky Lohse