We spent the day taking portraits.  Our groups are very different, perhaps not in demographics, but rather in dynamics.  Though we spend a considerable time marveling at their distinctions, today we found common ground as we captured their spirits.   We asked them to present themselves today as they wish to be seen, and though a few were initially hesitant, they did a beautiful job.

I photobombed one of Johnny's portraits today.  We've seen him a do-rag, white tee, and jeans everyday, but today he stepped it up.  This is who he is.  This is what he wants you to see.  Today was especially worth celebrating- it is his first day off parole.  The agent called him this morning to tell him, and he asked the man to call back and leave a message so he could replay it.  We all huddled around his phone before this photo and listened to the good news. 

Johnny's story is worth celebrating.