In the classroom


Each morning we begin class by looking at a photo from our "Storytelling" board on Pinterest.  We discuss composition, lighting, rule of thirds, where the photo draws our eye and why, whether it should be in black and white or color, and the justification for our thoughts.  We talk about what feelings the photo incites, and if it reaches us at a purely intellectual level or if we find some personal connection as well.  We also discuss a quote or song, and brainstorm ideas of capturing those broader concepts with a camera.

I thought you might like a peek at what we analyzed today.  I used two photos I had taken this weekend, from different perspectives, and asked the participants in both classes to tell me which photo they liked better and why.


example 3.jpg

I feel like we've taught them well in the sense that they had no mercy when they were telling what was good and what wasn't about the photos.  When asked how they thought the photo was taken, they accurately described the position the camera- and my body- took to catch both shots, and that the angle makes all the difference at times.  They complained about the second photo not adhering to the rule of thirds.  I thought it was artsy.  Whatever.  

Now its your turn- which photo do you prefer and why?  Don't worry about using the right terminology, it's not about that at all.  

In the meantime, find us on facebook to keep up with the project, and pinterest to access the boards that we use in class.

And finally, would you be interested if I started posting mini-lessons on photography based on the work from The Darkroom Project?