deserve-2 copy.jpg

I did not get everything I listed done this weekend.  My concept of time is deeply flawed in that I imagine each day having several more hours, leading to disappointment when I can't fit one more thing in.  

I am planning on posting some photos of the sailing trip to Belize when time permits.  I am also trying to rock through my comprehensive exam and a few other tedious items on the doctoral front, so we'll see what happens. 

Currently, however, the picture above is appealing to me, as I imagine gargling salt water would be soothing.  My throat feels like it has been used in place of a scratching post by herds of cats.  Could it be strep?  Maybe.  Am I hypochondriac?  Also, maybe.  So, I am going to give it one more day before buckling to antibiotics.

Welcome to the week, uneventful and monotonous would be ideal.

Sky Lohse