The weekend was beautiful.  Dagny had a chance to chase lizards and sleep in the sun while I worked on my comprehensive exam and played cribbage.  After a hugely disappointing week, it felt like a sigh of relief to soak in the sun, focusing on nothing but the way it felt on my skin. 

This week has been better, though incredibly busy.  On the dissertation front, my surveys are out, and I'm just waiting for responses to begin data analysis, which is really exciting.  I also found out that Laura and Liv are coming down, and once everything is confirmed, I'll break into a happy dance.  I can't wait.  They've both been here before, though not with me, and I'm already making an itinerary that will be a blast.  They are both teachers, so it will be fun to bring them to my school and have them around.  It already feels refreshing.

The sunsets were nothing to speak of this weekend, but the sunrise, oh the sunrise.  Isn't it amazing how something so simple can bring you back to life?

Sky Lohse