Sunday Routine

 I write you fresh off the plane from the states.  The transition this time has been tough, and I dream of just one more day to find the people I missed and hug and re-hug the ones I found. 

After flying in late on Friday, having a lunch with the lovely Swedes on Saturday, and finally making it home Saturday night, spent, I needed a serious dose of routine.  The combination of sleep deprivation and rapid transition is hard on the best of us.  On Sunday we ate crepes at Sabe Delis as normal, chatted about education with Isa and Sam, hit the market for groceries, then proceeded to cook all afternoon, which mostly looked like me trying out my new knifes and mandolin I received for Christmas.  I took special attention to maintaining my fingers as I sliced the carrots, but other than checking they were all there at timed intervals, I slipped into a comfortable rhythm of banter and cooking that felt right.  After about an hour, I involuntarily smiled and sighed and with it came the realization that I was going to be okay.  Life doesn't just happen in Minneapolis, it happens here too.  Cooking happens here, laughing happens here.

Before you is a salad of carrots, lime juice, and salt.  It sounds obscenely simple, but it is delicious and fresh and shouldn't be underestimated. Shred your carrots, or slice them, or chop them, or whatever.  Add some lime, then a bit of salt.  That's it.  Welcome back to the blog, friends.  I'm not sorry for my absence, I was having too much fun to consider writing.


Sky Lohse