Sumpango: Raising the Kites

I'd heard of the kites in Sumpango, but never been.  When someone describes large kites to you, its hard to get excited, because it doesn't sound that spectacular.  But, it is.  In my mind, large kites meant a 2 meters, not 20 meters.  And, I imagine basic geometric shaped kites with blocks of primary colors.  As usual, my perceptions were a far cry from reality.  I have more photos of Sumpango that will come later, but I felt like the raising of the largest kite (20 meters) deserved a post of its own. 

As you can see in the first photo, there are support beams stuck into the ground on which the kite can rest once it has been erected.  Previous to watching this kite, we learned the hard way that the best place to stand is not behind those beams while the kite is going up.  Like fools, we mused, "Gosh, this could be really bad if one of these breaks," and sure enough, within ten seconds we were running because the pole across snapped in half like a twig, and the bird kite crashed, swinging the wing around to where we were standing.  Naturally, we fled.

Sky Lohse