Update: Mario and Victor


Back in November, while working on the Darkroom Project, a couple of our boys were taken into police custody for sleeping on the street, remember?  We've been trying to keep up with them as they get passed from one facility to the next, one city to the next- and stay informed of their various escape attempts en route.

Melanie, from InnerCHANGE, told me yesterday that the boys were given a court date, and  after, released to their families.  How long this will last, we don't know.  Will they be back on the street?  Probably.  Are they this very moment?  Likely.  Have we figured out a short-term or long-term solution for safer housing?  No.  Does this make me feel like we are failing them?  It does, yes.  Do I know how to move forward?  I don't. 

It is easy to get stuck in the hard questions, and feel overwhelmed, and unhappy that I am not doing enough to actually change anything.  The hard part is that I don't even know what a solution would look like at this point.  A place to live isn't a future, it just meets an immediate need.  It feels like we are in constant triage rather than building something that lasts.  The idea of "best case scenario" was done away with, as we are forced to make do with what we have to meet needs now.  This isn't a solution.

But, let's celebrate, as we fight, because the boys are back.

Sky Lohse