To those who have emailed, asking if I am okay, thank you.  I honestly forget sometimes that someone other than my mother reads my blog.  Saying that I've been busy feels like a cop out, and to a point, it is.  I've been trying to keep my priorities in line, succeeding when it comes to the students, and inevitably failing in other areas.  Its been fun playing with the kids and feeling engaged in their excitement for learning and life.  I have still been playing catch up with grad work, and am looking forward to the moment when I no longer feel like I am drowning.  It has been a roller coaster of "Yes, you can graduate in May," and "No, you don't have enough time," which is exhausting.  Some of the delays are my own doing, and some rest on others.  I am learning to take deep breaths and mentally preparing myself for receiving an answer I don't like.    

I currently have three extra bodies in my apartment, as Olivia, Laura, and JaNahn arrived last weekend.  I feel like we have been running non-stop, in the best, most tiring way possible.  They are currently on a tour and likely in the hot springs as I type.  We leave for the lake tomorrow, and then its back to Guatemala, and off they go.  I  found myself shaking my head at how tired I am today while sitting in my office.  Olivia and I have the tendency to stay up talking far past my normal bedtime, and while I wouldn't trade it for anything, it makes me wonder how we did this as kids, staying up at slumber parties until two and three in the morning.  I think this means that I might be getting old.

The next few weeks are going to be hectic.  I am trying to finish the last two chapters of my dissertation in short order, leaving little time for anything else, but I'll try to hop on and say hello.  Until we speak again, know that this blog is still alive, just a little quiet for the time being.

Sky Lohse