My weekend was beyond beautiful.  As we drove to the lake, every once and a while, as we would crest a hill or round a turn, we were struck with a magnificent view of the the sun reflecting on the water as it faded behind the mountains.  The group arrived just as it was dark enough to hide the details.  Our first evening consisted of playing games with the kids and settling into a long dinner that carried us into the early morning.  The warm breeze and the sound of the lake served as a reminder to relax, and melt into our evening and that we were no longer contained indoors in our offices.

The view above greeted me in the morning along with a swarm of giggles and hugs from the girls.  The night before, the little girls had told me with stars in their eyes, that they take their breakfast on the veranda, "and we look at the lake, and it is just beautiful."  I initially laughed at their seriousness, but they were right, yes?  We ended up congregating on the veranda for our breakfasts and dinners and mid-morning coffee and late afternoon beer.  It was a magnet during all of our down time.  As the sun set, and blue in the lake met with the blue in the sky, the other colors seemed to become vibrant in turn before fading.  The green in the trees, then the fuschia of the little flowers that crawled up the side of the house. 

We came home on Sunday, but it felt like we had been gone for a week.

If you are ever in San Pedro, and need a place to hide and play, go straight to Caso del Lago.  The bed and breakfast is owned by my friend Joe and made for the perfect weekend- my best one yet.