Day 2: Framing


Teaching in the park has been a challenge.  Originally, we thought we'd be indoors, and it was made available, but the boys said they wanted to stay in the park, so that is the plan.  Instead of projecting photos on the wall and discussing concepts, Matthew has been talking briefly about a concept, then the boys walk the park and they snap shots on his camera, and learn that way. 

Day two, we saw the boys sillier and easier with their smiles, but also more focused on what was being taught.  Their second assignment was:

This is my job.

We said they could take photos on the job, of themselves or others working, their supplies, things that represent the way they feel when they work.  Maybe frustration when they can't find a customer, or brushes from making others' shoes clean- hands dirtied in the process.

As a side note, and we'll post more today or tomorrow with details, but two of our kids were detained by the police yesterday morning for sleeping in the park after they've been told not to.  They are currently at a children's home in Xela, but will be sent to a huge home for boys in Guatemala City next week.  This is not positive, and all involved are incredibly, incredibly heartbroken.  Pray for us.  Pray for them.

Sky Lohse