Day 3: Rule of Thirds


This day we considered photography as a means of storytelling.  We studied photos and tried to guess at the story being told.  We looked at emotion, and environment, the general feeling we got when looking at the scene, and tried to see the details we may have otherwise overlooked.  Matt then divided the photos into a grid and talked about where our eye travels based on the rule of thirds.

The boys left with an assignment, as usual.

Take seven photos of a current struggle.

Some said they would take photos of food, because they don't know where their next meal will come from, others said they would take a photo of their wooden box and stool alone to signify that they struggle when they cannot find customers.  I am anxious to see their photos, not only for the sake of the show, but rather the stories they will tell, and the things these boys find hard.  I imagine it will be different for each of them, as it is for us.  You see a group, and think you understand the way people work until we learn that some of us are anxious about relationships, others with money, and the list continues.  We all worry, just not about the same things.

Sky Lohse