Can You Help a Girl Out?

There is a contest going on at, and I decided to throw my hat in the ring.  The challenge was to write a "top list" for the country in which we live.  I could have citied the top places to stay, or visit, or eat, but instead, I thought a healthy dose of humor might do us all some good.  Head over to the link below to find out my top 4 reasons living in Guatemala is amazing and terrifying simultanteously:

Not to be bossy or oppressive, but if you read the rules, you'll see that in order to "vote" for me to win, you'll have to leave a comment, and one that is over ten words.  Also, if its your first time on the site, they will send you an email confirmation, which is a pain, but I'm worth it, right?  Right.

P.S. Posts are scheduled for each day this week, but I am taking a break, and heading to Belize.  See you on the flip!

Hint for reason #1.

Hint for reason #1.

Sky Lohse