Sometimes after a long week, hiding seems like a really good idea.  I love Xela, and living in the mountains.  I love the routine of a Sunday morning that involves crepes and books, and the Mercado.  But, part of me also needs removal from the normal setting for a time, the chance to get wrapped up in something else.

Lake Atitlan is in a word, enchanting.  There is just something about the mountains and volcanos as they are reflected in the cool, blue water that capture me completely.  Right now the warm air is in blunt contrast to the especially cold water- this trip was the first in which I passed on jumping in.  When I stay at the lake, my favorite hideout is the Casa del Mundo.  The little hotel is situated on a rock face, the only access a little dock.  For this reason, all dinners are served family style, with the guests gathered around one long table, light from the candles casting a kind glow on the evening.

Liz and I settled in at the table, next to our newest best friends we didn’t know we had.  Two were from Berlin, enjoying a nice holiday- intending to travel from Mexico to Panama by land, but found themselves stuck inexplicably to Guatemala.  The other couple from Canada, taking a nice break after visiting years before.  Our conversation was lively and silly, at times deep and sweet.  After dinner, three men in their sixties took out their instruments and began playing James Taylor.  The six of us melted into the evening and for a minute, all feelings of burn out left, and I could feel my heart beat again.  The rhythm of the music, the laughter, the cards by candlelight, the rhythm of connecting created a spark.

May your weekend be restful and restoring.  We are headed off to staff retreat, and sunshine.

Sky Lohse