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Sometimes the boats between cities on the lake get packed.  And not a little bit crowded, like 47 people on a 20 person boat crowded.  It happened again this weekend, and somehow a baby ended up in my lap.  One minute I was smiling at her, as she was tied to her mom’s chest in a fabric sling, the next, she was in my arms.  I don’t remember the transition, she was sort of just there.  Sofia Magdalena.  Four months of chubby cheeks and thigh rolls, cooing like a professional.  We talked about the lake and pollution and debated whether the grandiose houses on the shore were private homes or hotels- its hard to know when there are several umbrellaed tables on the patio.  Mostly, she just responded to my questions by squawking and melting me with her big brown eyes.  A half an hour later I passed her to her mother on the dock of Santa Cruz and found myself again thankful.

Guatemala, Lake AtitlanSky Lohse