On the road


The student were dismissed at 11:30am on Friday, and our rears were in the seat of the the truck peeling out of the parking lot at 11:31.  Our plan was to make it to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, sleep a few hours, and hit the ferry to Roatan via La Ceiba at 9:00am on Saturday morning.  We ate sandwiches in the car to avoid delays for food breaks, and really only stopped to use the bathroom.  We made it to the border in about nine hours, which is impressive, only to find that our source was wrong, and the border closed at 6:00pm, not 9:00pm, and we were going to have to wait until morning.  We ended up spending the night at an amazing hotel in Puerto Barrios that would make an great set for a horror film.  The hotel was built in the early 1900s with wood that had been shipped from Louisiana.  The floors were crooked and creaked, and while I don't have experience firsthand, its how I imagine a structure in the deep south.  It was eerily comforting.  

We checked in, and during dinner, I learned how to peel shrimp.  So, while we were delayed, it was a win in my book.  I'm learning new skills left and right on this trip.  On Saturday morning, we hit the highway early, landed the afternoon ferry and finally found ourselves on the island of Roatan.

Has anyone else been here?  It is stunning.  If you check in tomorrow, I promise to tell you about the time I learned how to breathe underwater.

Sky Lohse