Roatan: Day 1


My first morning was spent in the classroom, watching safety videos.  Exciting stuff, let me tell you.  But- things picked up in the afternoon when we got to practice basic skills in the shallows like flooding the mask, and breathing off of an alternative air source.  The first time you take a breath underwater, it feels like you are getting away with something.  And then your mind goes to a place of- this can't be happening, but it is happening, and I'm breathing and there's a fish, and I'm still alive.  It was completely exhilarating.   

In the afternoon we went for a 40ft. dive and concentrated on playing and having fun.  We hit a patch of sand and took off our fins and tried running and doing flips.  The entire time I marveled about breathing underwater and felt like a superhero.  The fish were beautiful, the coral was beautiful, all was beautiful.