Goals for May

may copy.jpg

I am behind in stating my goals as the month is half spent.  I didn't make goals for any of the previous months, because I was too busy trying to keep from drowning in the ocean that is grad work.  My last class until mid-July ended on May 5th, giving me the time necessary to make a pile of goals:

  1. Knife skills- Improve them.  Become a pro at chopping rapidly without losing a finger.
  2. Stop motion- Figure it out.  Make a little video for the sake of learning the process.
  3. Vocab- Boost the nouns.  Learn ten new words everyday and try to use them in conversations.
  4. Proper dinner- Eat well.  Cheese and crackers is not a well-balanced meal.  Try for three meals where sitting down and eating actually happens.
  5. Work-out- Pump it up.  Get up early and actually earn that protein shake instead of being a pansy.

Does anyone else have goals for the last two weeks of May?  Don't leave me alone in this!

Sky Lohse