Handmade: Pastores


On the way from Xela to Antigua, there is the little town called Pastores, where nearly every shop for a kilometer sells boots.  I've wanted to stop and take a look around for months, but never had the time until a few weeks ago.  After the success of my first pair of handmade boots, I found two photos on the internet of boots I wanted made, but was unable to get a response from the boot shop I used previously.  Instead, we drove down to Pastores, and wandered around with the photos until someone agreed to make my shoes.  The variety in the shops was astonishing.  You want pink snakeskin boots with green accents?  Done.  Stilettos, wedges, wooden heels, you call it, they make it.    Pointy toe, rounded toe, open toe, metal toe to kick shins?  No problem.  It was almost as fun to look at their creations as it was to order my own.

My boots came back yesterday and they are lovely.  Neither are quite exact replicas, but both pairs are comfortable and well made and beautiful.  They will make an appearance soon if I can find someone kind enough to take my photo.

Have a great weekend.  I will be home, packing and checking things off of my to do list before I fly out on Tuesday.