Room for more

I managed to snap this shot with my pups about a  month ago while we were playing at school.  That's right, plural- pups.  We are not found lacking in the personality or spunk department with Dagny around, but when presented with an opportunity that has an adorable masked face, its hard to say no- so I didn't. 

The not-so-little dog on the right is the newest member of our family, and he's the best.  Luca is the sweet to Dagny's spicy, and has been the perfect addition around here.  The photo above was taken at 8 weeks, and now at nearly 14 weeks he is exponentially larger- to the point that people stop me in the street and say, "Wow, that dog is going to be huge!"  Right.  I know.

His mother is a lab who got a little frisky, ran into the street, and found herself in a situation.  Of the seven puppies, Luca is one of two that appear to have some husky.  The others are solid black, or black, white, and brown.  All but one of the puppies went to homes that I know, and its been fun watching them grow and develop their own personalities.  As far as the ones in my house, safety is Dagny's first priority, barking at everything from cats to fireworks to any minor disturbance too quiet for human ears.  Luca supports her by sleeping at my feet, snoring.  Dagny is independent.  Luca sees life as a team sport and is underfoot constantly.  The sweet thing, is that while Dags doesn't like other dogs, she seems to have adopted this one.  They play together, choose to share a food and water bowl, and snuggle up in the same dog house.

I'll do my best to refrain from posting incessantly about their antics, but no promises.  I hope this finds everyone happy and well as you prepare for Christmas.  The tree is up and decorated (eh,only half the lights work), and we are counting down the days until we get to go home and see family.  I can't wait.

Sky Lohse