In the studio: Starting fresh

Yesterday we received the keys for our new studio.  We've had access for a week or so, to begin cleaning and painting the walls.  The space hadn't been used in several years, explaining the inch of dust we found on the floor and walls.  What you see in the photo is the front of the studio.  The doorway in the middle leads to the bathroom, and then opens up into another larger room with a stainless sink. 

We hypothesize that at one point it was a tiny cafe- the front for tables, the back room as a kitchen.  It was also once a microbrewery, to which it may return, if I have my say.  The only glaringly obvious issue is the lack of windows, a necessity.  What you don't see, is that our entire front wall is a garage door.  Its hard to maneuver, but possible, and we'll take the open air.

I know its not much to look at now, but this studio does feel like a fresh start.  Its as if the last piece of the puzzle is falling into place.  Do I need a studio?  No.  Is carving spoons on the kitchen table getting old?  Yes.  Does this feel like an unwarranted gift?  Absolutely.  I'm at a place in my life where I couldn't be more thankful.  I have my family, my love, the dogs, and a place to create.  I'm not sure what else I'd ask for- it's all here.


Sky Lohse