Back in action.

This week my mom framed up the Norway Pine on yupo you see above.  She also framed a similar large Pine on watercolor paper.  It wasn't my typical subject to paint, but I had a blast this summer painting trees upon trees, upon trees, until these guys emerged.

The studio is ready and functional, but not in use at the moment.  I'm still recovering from a bout of pneumonia, so the last several days have been spent in bed.  I finally got to go back to work today, which was fun.  The kids were running around dressed in white and pink and red, passing out Valentines and roses.  I taught kindergarten for awhile, which is always a joy, and caught up on emails and projects.  Its amazing how many things can pile up in just a few days.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.  I'll still be laying low, though taking a day trip to the coast for some warmer temps and relaxing by the pool.  By next week I should be back in action, ready to paint and carve and write, rather than sleep.

Sky Lohse