Remember that one time when I thought that I was ready to be back with the living?  It wasn't true.  It turns out that pneumonia knocks you on your butt for weeks, and the minute you get up, you need a nap.  My boss made a comment the other day about how strange it is to know someone that's had a disease you could die from on Oregon Trail.  Funny, but not funny.

I talked to Cassandra this week.  We used to work together during college- the magical time when you think you want to be a full member adult, but don't realize what that actually means.   We worked the early shift at a coffee shop and spent our mornings having dance parties while making drinks for our regulars.  Cass and I were reminiscing recently and talked about how nice it would be to have a vacation where we could work those mornings again.

As the seasons change and we lose touch, I was happy to reconnect with her this week.  She commented that she didn't know what my life looks like.  She reads my blog.  I'm on instagram.  Its amazing how fragmented my life feels when I look back just using these two sources.  I see dogs and a studio and the word "busy" too often.   This is not life.

My commitment is that my blog will begin to reflect what life looks like on a daily basis.  There are a lot of big things going on right now that I am ecstatic about, but I know that I tend to lean towards the vague to protect them because they are so dear.  I will share what I can, when I can.  I'll try to be more consistent and more transparent.  Life over here isn't always a party, but I am thankful for what we have, so get ready.


Sky Lohse