As always, its been too long.  In the last post, I promised to reflect life as it really is.  So, let's begin.

I've been away, not because I've been too busy, though things have been, but because my computer and phone were stolen.  I was in Guatemala City and got robbed at gunpoint while driving.  It was scary and awful, and it left me out of communication for a couple weeks, which was inconvenient, but a good time to re-evaluate how I spend my time.  Several weeks without being perma-connected was really good for me.  After a couple days, the inconvenience wore off and I found myself wondering less and less what I was missing on instagram, or if I had a new email.

I bought myself a watch when we were in the states for a week, and its been a great addition to my life.  When I was phoneless, I found that I wondered the time a lot, and realized that most of the time when I get sucked into staring at a screen, its because I need to know the time, and then get wrapped up in notifications.  And we all know that reading a comment on instagram is a rabbit hole that leads to hours of nonsense.  That being said, I am so thankful to have a computer and a phone and the connection that provides.  However, I am still trying to keep the phone away and just check my watch when necessary.

So, here I am, thankful to be unhurt, though still shaken up.  I can safely say I am more thankful for my family- in Guatemala, in Minneapolis, in Chicago- than ever before.  It was timely that I got to spend time with them this month.  It feels good to be grounded by love.  I know its cliche to say that hard situations offer us new perspective, but it is true, and I am grateful.

Sky Lohse