Like a weed

The studio is nearly finished- the walls have been painted white, and we've power washed the space, which means it'll probably stay dust-free for ten minutes.  The work benches are nearly complete, just waiting on a table vice installation and there should be wood curls on the floor from carving by the end of the week.

In the meantime, here's an updated photo of Luca.  He is growing like a weed with no end in sight.  He's still a teeny puppy at heart though, not realizing that his body has changed sizes, and is constantly underfoot.  I think I trip over him at least 3 times every morning while I'm trying to get ready for work.  Dagny is still steady as ever, under the covers until its time for me to leave.

Steve took this shot on our way up Chicabal.  We brought both of the dogs and they had a blast.  Though it was an hour and a half up the volcano, Dags trucked along just fine until she pooped out on the way home and rode in my backpack the rest of the way.  Part of me wants Luca to grow, and keep growing.  The other part of me wants him to keep his baby face and smaller stature.  But, with the way things are going, the next photo you see will be of me riding him like a pony.

Sky Lohse