With love

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Mail here is pretty shifty.  I've been waiting for months for a letter that will never arrive, but lo and behold receive two packages from my Gramma (it's always been her preferred spelling) on the same day.  I wish I had a photo of the first two she sent, because they also contained some really interesting items.  The funny thing is, whatever she sends, its always exactly what I needed but didn't know it.  I actually did need new bobby pins and floss, but didn't realize it until they were in my hands. The articles and brain teasers she sends keep me sharp.  We wouldn't want the mountain air turning my brains to mush.  But it's not the stuff- and it never is that means the most.  I love her notes about home and the way she cuts the brain teasers out of the paper in their perfect squares that serve as a bookmark until they are solved.  I love the presence of the things she sends in my home as they are a constant reminder that I am loved and not forgotten even though we are far apart.

Thank you, Gramma.

Sky Lohse